People who pursue a vision, cross boundaries, break through habits and discover new lands with their will, courage, and drive to built something that can last forever. With style, elegance and skill, they are sublime to every situation.

Leather has the power to capture time and is also a reflection of our actions and decisions. Our products are a reminiscence of the ways we have already embarked on, the experiences we have made and the performance we have achieved.

Gentle Zeus watch strap on the olymp
Tanned leather from Germany

Authenticity of our leather

Irregularities and bumps in our leather are unavoidable and wanted. They underline the authenticity and the imperfectness which distinguishes us in real life and makes us unique.

Our leather is mainly from Germany but also from other countries like Italy, Belgium, England or Spain. We are always looking for exciting and exceptionally good leather with a strong history and outstanding quality. We pay attention to the ecological processing of the leather, out of respect for nature and not least for reasons of skin compatibility.

Processing “Made in Germany”

Our products are handcrafted by an old tradion-rich manufactory in the heart of Germany. We have the claim to bring together the best leather quality with the best leather processing to create unique products which are the loyal and easy companions of the rest of the life.

Calfskin watch straps collection
Watch strap on golden ground

Like life itself everything is ephemeral just like our collections of watch straps, which are constantly being reissued, with specially processed leather from various countries. Surely there will be “classics” with the times, which we keep in our assortment. Mainly most of our products are limited, as we only buy leather skins in a limited number of items to produce very special products. It’s similar to a good scottish whisky, from which barrels only a limited number of bottles per year can be produced.